Mobile Seo

Mobile Seo

Mobile Seo

Ever since the arrival of smartphones, the number of internet searches from desktops/laptops has been drastically decreased. In fact, 58% of all searches in Google are now done from a mobile device and this trend is only going to grow faster.

Naturally, mobile is the future of search engine marketing. To tackle this trend, we have come up with mobile SEO services and are one of the best Mobile SEO service providers in Mumbai

Here’s why mobile SEO is important:

  1. 80% of Internet users have access to a smartphone.
  2. Users spend 80% of their social media time on their mobile device.
  3. 69% of smartphone users search on their mobile first when in need.
  4. An average user spends almost 5 hours on their smartphone.

What we can do as a Mobile App SEO Consultant in Mumbai?

Page Speed

If a page takes longer than usual to load, a user will most definitely skip your website. Factors such as connectivity issues and hardware are exclusive for mobile devices.  We optimize a page with those factors in mind; also browser caching, reducing redirection, code minification are given special importance.

Site Design for Mobile

Mobile browsing has changed the way we look at websites. It’s all about the scrolling experience.  We make sure the sites are designed to avoid pop-ups, flash and is made convenient for the ‘fat finger’ to prevent unwanted clicks. We make sure that the browsing experience is smooth and subtle.

Title and Meta description.

Since mobile devices provide limited space, it is equally important to create quality titles and meta descriptions that appear on the SERP. We have got you covered. We also employ schema tag to make a rich snippet to increase the visibility to search engines.

Local search optimization

Local searches are the key to mobile SEO. Almost 62% searches yield a different set of results on smartphones than on desktops. This is because mobile search result considers location as a key factor. So we standardize your NAP (name, address, phone number) in your site’s metadata and wherever your business is listed and make sure your business is verified with both Google My Business and Bing Places for Business.

Mobile Site configuration

Many websites are not configured for mobile device that leads to huge loss of traffic from mobile users.  The biggest contribution of configuration is extremely good user experience and site maintenance which in itself are key factors of mobile SEO.  We are one of the few mobile SEO agencies in Mumbai that pays attention to configuration at a greater level, be it responsive design or dynamic serving.

Mobile SEO is the need of the hour in the marketing world and backed by a great team we strive to become the best mobile SEO Company in Mumbai.