Local SEO

Local SEO

About 78% of the purchases still happen from the brick and mortar store. Therefore, it is very crucial to promote your business locally through Local SEO.

Also known as local search engine marketing, this is the most effective way to market your local business online. The major difference between standard search and local search is the intent of researcher.
For instance, any jewellery maker’s site with fair SEO and authority can rank on search terms like “jewellery showrooms”; however, the people using this search term may not have an immediate intention to buy; perhaps, they may be merely researching related information.

However, when someone searches using phrase “jewellery showroom in bandra” or “jewellery shop near me”; it is likely that they are considering immediate follow up action.

For these types of search query, which includes location, search engines understand that the results expected are suggestions based on specific location; therefore, they provide local search engine result pages.

What businesses need the most is to improve their traffic online and in-store visibility on Google Local Search. To get important and appealing information related to your business published on SERP’s you have to manage well your Google Business Profile. As your local SEO agency in Mumbai, we help you manage your Google profile, list it on relevant search engine business directories, mark it on maps, and optimize it further. Managing this well and smart will derive the best possible results for your business.

Boosting your local SEO presence will help your SEO efforts as a whole and that is why it is a necessity to have a local SEO strategy in place and as one of the top local SEO companies in Mumbai, we help you to embed your business in the city and make a mark locally.

People now have access to smartphones more than ever. Hence the search volume for local businesses has increased significantly. So the Keyword has to be targeted accordingly with a focus on local intent. We harness the concept of local intent when targeting keywords meticulously, that is what makes our services one of the best local SEO services in Mumbai.

Also, content with a local focus plays a pivotal role in local SEO. Many local SEO service providers just focus on writing long-form content which does not give the desired impact. You can trust us to handle your content that will give your website the ‘quality’ you are looking for.

What we do?

Keyword Research

Identify SIL (Service in Location) Keywords

Analyse competitor’s keywords

Link Building

Create and promote as useful local resource

Guest blogging

And various other link building tactics

Optimize Google Business Profile

Ensure correct NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) citation

Update Schema Mark-up

Ensure correct business category

Reviews and More

Keep Google Business account active and updated

Publish new content regularly

On-Page SEO

Set up website structure to rank local landing pages

Optimize home page

Optimize landing pages

Monitoring and Reporting

Constant monitoring of the keyword performance

Monthly reports and updates.

It’s worth a try.

Takes few minutes to generate great results