E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO

Customer is evolving. The shopping habits and preferences change frequently. A smart marketer has to capture this in time.

Giving mere discounts is not enough. You have promote your offerings out loud to get noticed. E-Commerce SEO is the sustainable way to do that.

Setting up an e-commerce site is not an easy job.

Leveraging it is further more challenging. We understand this. Also, with evolving customer behaviour, people seek what maximum they can derive from ‘online shopping’ and your competition is aware of this. In today’s crowded e-commerce world, retailers try to capture even the smallest possible opportunity of conversion.

They lure audience with offers they can’t refuse. They also try and take advantage of the complex algorithms for tracking and predicting customers need, thereby offering them customized products/services. This has much more chance of conversion.

Best ecommerce seo services in Mumbai

Sounds difficult? Not with the right strategy. As your Ecommerce SEO agency in Mumbai, we know the right techniques to launch and optimize Ecommerce SEO campaigns that will strengthen your brand presence and ensure that your products and services are noticed during the “early” moments of your customer’s search. Through your SEO campaign, we will also ensure enough brand awareness and leads to maximize final conversions through direct and paid channels.

You can increase organic traffic to your E-commerce store without relying on PPC and paid advertising through E-commerce SEO. It includes all concepts of SEO with an addition of some guidelines that are specific to online shops that may not apply to other types of websites. And as a leading Ecommerce SEO company in Mumbai, we have a different approach as well where everything is specific to Ecommerce SEO.

Ecommerce SEO might seem like a huge task, especially if you already have a website populated with tons of products. But we can manage it easily with a solid strategy and that is why we are able to offer the best Ecommerce SEO services in Mumbai.

Apart from giving a top Ecommerce SEO service in Mumbai, we deal with a multitude of digital services. No matter what platform you’re on, we’ve worked with it, we’ve ranked it and have learned more along the way. Hence, we promise you great results!

What we do?

Keyword Research

List all pages on your site;

Find and map appropriate keywords on each page

Optimize both categories as well as products

Find long tail keywords

Link Building for E-commerce sites

Find Sites that link to your Competitors’ homepages

Check other relevant site links

Add your link to these sites

On Page SEO

Optimize Meta Titles, Descriptions, and H1’s.

Optimize URL’s

Update unique product and category descriptions

Add Schema Mark-up

Content Marketing

Create relevant content

Add internal links strategically

Technical SEO

Fix Duplicate Content Issues

Find orphaned pages and adjust internal linking structure

Find Keyword Cannibalization Errors

It’s worth a try.

Takes few minutes to generate great results