About SEO

About SEO

What is SEO? Hear it from experts.

What is SEO? Here it from the experts.

Simply put, SEO is the process to improve your websites search engine ranking.

Search Engine works in 3 stages:

  • Discovery: The bots of search engine discover your web page by “crawling” it and takes note of all the content on it.
  • Relevance: Once your content is discovered by Search Engine bots, it decides how relevant it is to certain search queries by indexing it based on keywords and search phrases within the content.
  • Authority: This means building enough credibility through backlinks and other factors. Authority directly impacts the rankings.

To make this understanding simple, think of search engine as a library and pretend you work in this library. There are tons of books in a pile that you need to sort and put on shelf.

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Your first step will be to find these books. This is crawling. If you are not able to find the book, you won’t be able to put it on the shelf. This is discovering. So, analyze whether you have a piece of information on your website content that search engines can access.

Your next step will be to categorize the books. This is indexing. But there may be many genres of the books; so how do you sort them? This is where you assess the relevance of the book by its topic, author, etc. Similarly Search engine bots index content on a website.

Your next step is to figure out which book to feature. Deciding which ones should be placed prominently on the shelf is based on whether the book comes from credible sources. This is ranking.

Determining authority is a subjective exercise. In the case of books, you will look for credible authors and a lot of citations. In terms of a website, getting cited means having backlinks. This is what builds authority.

These three stages and actions are dependent on one another. We as your SEO Service Provider assist you through all these stages.

With our consistent efforts, we aim to be the best SEO Company in India. And we ensure that our clients get the best SEO services in Mumbai.