4 ways to improve your local SEO presence

13 Dec

As per a recent report, more than 70% of people search online for anything they need, be it for some information on a product or a local business. Thus, if you are running a physical store, local SEO has become more important than ever for you. However, local SEO has its own implications and it requires dedicated efforts to achieve success.

Thus, we as a proficient local SEO agency in Mumbai have listed down 3 basic and simple ways through which you can improve your local SEO presence.


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  • Local directories and citations


 Maximum brands make this mistake. They don’t realize the power of local directories and end up missing a huge opportunity.

To succeed on local SEO, it is important to list your business on top online directories as well as some local directories that are most active in your location of business. Some of the top online directories are Yelp, Merchant Circle, etc. For local directories, you can search for some local keywords like “business directories in Mumbai”, etc, and the top 4-5 results that you find on Google would be your go-to business directory.


  • Google My Business


Google My Business is also a type of directory but it has its own unique and great share of importance, hence it deserves its own different section. Listing on Google My Business is free and if optimized well, can give you great exposure.

To claim your Google My Business listing, visit google.com/business. There’s a verification process that you will be required to go through where Google will send a postcard along with a PIN to your business’s physical location. (No P.O. boxes allowed.) Then you’ll simply log in and enter the PIN to verify your business.


  • Customer Reviews


 More than 84% of people make their final decision about a brand by looking at the reviews about the brand, thus it has become ever important to get your customers rate and review your brand on Google. This shows that your brand carries some form of authority.

Also, ensure that you don’t end up ignoring the negative reviews. A negative review can damage your brand more than a positive review will improve it. Respond and address the concerns of all the negative reviewers. This will make your other potential customers feel that your brand is responsible and cares for its customers.

These are some of the simplest ways through which you can improve your local SEO efforts. However, local SEO strategy has much more than these, which carry their own implications. Thus, it is best advised to hire a proficient agency that provides the best SEO services in Mumbai as these experts are well-versed with SEO techniques and can carry out all of your online activities very effectively!