3 Things to keep in mind while writing SEO content

14 Nov

Content will be the greatest form of resource for SEO.



  • SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, which is a process done to improve a website’s ranking on SERP
  • Content is any piece of information that is made available over the web

Putting these two together, SEO content is any piece of content that is created specifically with the aim of improving the search engine rankings and to generate more and more traffic from the search engine.

Below are a few points that you need to focus on while writing SEO content-

  1. Define your goals


Your goals will determine what kind of content you should focus on. Do you want to drive sales on your website? Do you want to monetize your site? Or do you want to just drive traffic on your site and increase click rates? Determining your goals first is very important as a website or business.

For example; if your goal is to drive more sales through your website then a blog post on the usage of the products, and linking to those web pages wherever required might serve the purpose for you.


  1. Keyword Density


Keyword density is the percentage of a number of times your keyword appeared on the webpage divided by the total number of keywords on that page.

Excessive usage of a keyword on a webpage is known as keyword stuffing which is not a good approach for SEO.

Ideally, your keyword density should be 2.35% (though 1-3% is considerable)

Placing your keywords at only the required places in your content should be the aim here.


  1. Branding


SEO content focuses more on the branding of your company. It tells about products and services offered by your firm or organization. It completely refers to the details of your company and the areas in which your company specializes.


  1. Linking


The major reason why SEO content is written is that it provides back-links to your website. Back-links are the building blocks of a good SEO strategy as Google gives more credit to the websites that have quality back-links. To rank higher on the search engine, you should properly link the keyword with its related landing page on your website.


Writing SEO content can sometimes be a time-consuming and a tough job. Hence, to ensure that your SEO strategy remains perfect, you can hire the top local SEO companies in Mumbai or look for the best SEO services in Mumbai that specialize in SEO content as well as other SEO activities and ensure that your website never falls off from the first page of Google.